Yangın Eğitim Merkezleri


Deliver all elements of a training and education program by providing assessments, strategies and planning, through fire training facility builds and implementation.


Every program is different, and clearly faces unique challenges, deserving of special consideration. In developing fire training facilities, it is the following nine factors that allow us to achieve superior delivery schedules:

  1. Quality of our pre-contract organization
  2. Heavy reliance on science and fact-gathering during program design
  3. Knowledge of what tasks are essential
  4. Clarity on objectives, specifications and plans of action
  5. Parallel running of design efforts
  6. Early attention and focus on major procurements
  7. Lean production philosophy that links designers, builders, and operators
  8. Parallel running of development efforts
  9. Management scope that links the delivery of facilities, simulators, and instruction together