Reflective Trim & TRIMTRAX®

Trim Materials

The purpose of trim on turnouts, helmets and other gear is to provide day/night visibility and quickly ID the firefighters by trim alone or with the visibility of letters/numerals. While this may seem self-evident, the importance of a turnout’s trim cannot be stressed enough. It is especially critical where visibility is minimal and confusion is maximum with large numbers of personnel from several departments on the fireground. Trim specifications are fully covered in NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition.

3M SCOTCHLITE™ Triple Trim

Scotchlite Triple Trim Lime/Yellow  Scotchlite Triple Trim Red/Orange

Our most popular choice for overall proven performance and affordability, 3M SCOTCHLITE™ Triple Trim incorporates a center silver stripe impregnated into the 3M SCOTCHLITE™ trim. Available with red/orange or lime/yellow borders offering both fluorescence for daytime visibility and superior reflective properties for nighttime visibility.

  • Color:  Lime/Yellow or Red/Orange with Silver Center
  • Widths:  2" and 3” (NOTE: 2" trim available on EMSRESCUE™ and TECHRESCUE™ only)


Scotchlite Lime/Yellow  Scotchlite Red/Orange

The reflective surface of this solid fluorescent trim is composed of wide angle retroreflective lenses (glass beads) bonded with a special polymer layer to a durable flame resistant backing.

  • Color:  Lime/Yellow or Red/Orange
  • Widths:  2" and 3” (NOTE: 2" trim available on EMSRESCUE™ and TECHRESCUE™ only)


Brilliance with Stripe  Brilliance

REFLEXITE® Brilliance is composed of cube corner (microprism) retroreflective elements bonded to a flexible, smooth-surfaced, weather resistant UV stabilized polymeric film. The prism surfaces are metalized to protect them from dirt and moisture. REFLEXITE® Brilliance is available with diamond pattern and with diamond pattern with additional center stripe.

  • Color:   Lime/Yellow
  • Width:   3”


TRIMTRAX® Thread Protection System


The unique Globe trim thread protective system


Trim has a tendency of separating from a garment, hanging loose, and requiring repair or replacement on gear in active service.


Unlike fabric, which is woven and therefore allows the stitching to become embedded, trim is totally impermeable. This results in the sewing thread sitting on top of the surface where it is exposed to everyday abrasion.


TRIMTRAX®, a cording that cushions and protects the sewing thread, is used to attach the trim. 

Laboratory tests have shown that TRIMTRAX® provides five to seven times the trim stitching longevity when compared to traditional stitching with thread alone.